COVID-19 has been a huge challenge for everyone, especially the aging population.
Very early on in the pandemic, Victory Place implemented strict screening practices
for employees, residents, and visitors as well as robust cleaning and disinfecting
procedures. We are very proud to say that all staff and residents have remained
COVID-19 free since the beginning of the pandemic. We may not be completely out
of the woods, but we’ve worked diligently to keep our staff and residents happy and
healthy since the beginning of the pandemic and we will continue our efforts to go
above and beyond with respect to health and wellness and COVID-19.

We are an independent senior community which means we will never impose
restrictions on the independence of the individuals who live at Victory Place.
Traveling to the grocery store, a friend’s house, or to another state is 100% under
the discretion of our residents. We will, however, continue to do everything we can to
keep everyone safe. We currently require all visitors to wear a mask throughout
their visit, whether vaccinated or not, and we encourage social distancing. We have
hand sanitizer stations throughout the building. Victory Place staff are not allowed
to work if they are ill and we require testing according to the Clinton County Health
Department guidance.

Recommendations and regulations with regard to COVID-19 change, sometimes on
a daily basis. We will continue to follow the New York State Health Department and
the CDC for guidance.